Why I Love Hands

Closeup of Woman with Olives in Hands at Vineyard Kalkan, Turkey by Ralph Velasco

Peoples’ Hands Have Always Fascinated Me How about you? First I start with a wider shot to show the owner of these hands. Another unique opportunity. Recently, I had the unique opportunity to visit a local man on his very impressive farm in Üzümlü, a fairly nondescript village located on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, […]

A Few of the Benefits of Just Pulling Over

Single woman in pink gloves and blue hat in leek field in Kusadasi, Turkey by Ralph Velasco

Are you the curious type?  Can you step out of your comfort zone and approach a group of strangers? A few years ago, I had an opportunity to photograph in Turkey, a destination I’d been eager to get to for quite some time.  I was there on a scouting trip, which is something I almost […]