Skillshare class by Ralph Velasco
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About This Class

Pretty much everyone travels, and takes pictures, but few intentionally make travel photography everyone wants to see, and this, of course, is what separates the casual hobbyists from those who can rightfully call themselves travel photographers.

In this class, I’ll also show you how to go beyond the postcard shots everyone else is taking and how to create interesting, storytelling images your friends and family will be begging you to see, not the other way around.

The main concepts we’ll explore include:

  1. My Number One Photo Tip (let’s just get this out of the way, it’ll come in handy, for sure)
  2. How to Point & Shoot (this is most certainly not what you might think)
  3. Storytelling in photography (we as travel photographers are, after all, storytellers)
  4. Distinguishing between Portraits and Environmental Portraits
  5. Why it’s important to Have a Theme in Mind
  6. Timing & Anticipation and how they can be the difference between good, and great, photography
  7. Giving Back (this concept will likely surprise you)


At the end of each lesson, I’ll explain more about the accompanying assignment, but see Class Project for additional details.