Exploring Off-the-Beaten-Path Attractions: Hidden Gems for Mature Travelers

Discovering hidden gems can make your international travel experience truly memorable.  Here’s how Gen X and Baby Boomer travelers can uncover lesser-known attractions: Local Recommendations: Engage in conversations with locals (shopkeepers, taxi drivers, etc.) or ask your accommodations’ staff for recommendations beyond the popular tourist spots. Travel Forums, Vlogs, and Blogs: Explore online travel forums […]

Embracing Local Cuisine: A Culinary Guide for Seasoned Travelers

Chaya soup in Mérida, México by Ralph Velasco

Exploring local cuisine is an essential part of any travel experience. For Gen X and Baby Boomer travelers, embracing local flavors can be both exciting and rewarding. Here’s how to make the most of your culinary adventures: Research Dietary Norms: Before you depart, research the local dietary norms and etiquette. Understanding what’s considered polite or […]

Staying Connected Abroad: Tech Tips for Mature Travelers

Staying connected while traveling internationally is crucial for safety and convenience. Here are some tech-savvy tips for Gen X and Baby Boomer travelers: SIM Cards and Local Plans: Instead of relying on expensive international roaming, consider purchasing a local SIM card or a prepaid plan upon arrival. This can provide you with affordable data and […]

How’s the Chacha in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia?

Ralph Velasco at TBS airport with I Love Georgia Sign in Georgian in Tbilisi, Georgia by Ralph Velasco

Enjoy this short video I made about a tradition called the “supra” and a local spirit called “chacha” in the gorgeous Republic of Georgia. What’s Your Favorite Place to Travel? I’m often asked what my favorite country or place to visit is.  This is, of course, an impossible question to answer and one I gingerly […]

What Is the Highway Code of India?

Women laughing on rickshaw in traffic in Delhi, India by Ralph Velasco

Did you know there’s a Highway Code of India? On my first trip to India’s Golden Triangle (an area bounded by Delhi, Agra & Jaipur) our local guide on the group tour part of the trip (I stayed for four more days on my own), was a very affable man named Anil.  During a bus […]