Continental DRIFTER Wildlife Photography and Costa Rica Travel Tips eBook

About This eBook

The main concepts we’ll explore include:

  1. Gear suggestions
  2. Photography tips and settings
  3. Tips for traveling in general, and for Costa Rica, specifically
  4. Links to suggested articles about a variety of photography concepts, animal behavior, and other related information
  5. Packing lists
  6. So much more

About This Book

Being a travel photographer is about storytelling, and the best way to tell stories is with a variety of content from which to draw inspiration, and starting with a shot list is the best way to stay organized. To tell a complete and interesting story with your photography you need to be on the lookout for a variety of images that truly capture the essence of the place, and this physical book is meant to help you do just that.

About This Book

Travel Journal for a Continental DRIFTER is made up of 100 lined pages ready for you to fill with notes. This physical book is meant to help you document your travels, thoughts, inspiration, poems, travel details, weather, contacts and more.