10 More Reasons to Make “Good Mistakes” on the Road

By Ralph Velasco

Last time we spoke about 10 Good “Mistakes” to Make While Traveling and as long as you minimize them, hopefully, you won’t regret making these mistakes—well, not too much, anyway.

  1. Booking Accommodation Far from the Action: It’s a drag at first, but it forces you to explore areas you wouldn’t otherwise. Plus, you get to see the city’s “morning face” before the tourists swarm in as it will likely be quieter, less expensive and much less crowded than being in the center.
  2. Misunderstanding Currency Conversion: Yeah, you might overpay for that trinket, but it’s a crash course in international finance. Future you will be a currency conversion ninja, just be sure to make this mistake on less expensive items.
  3. Not Confirming Public Transport Schedules: Ever find yourself alone at a bus stop at midnight? Well, you’ll not only remember to double-check schedules but also learn how to navigate a foreign taxi system. Pro Tip: Try to download the local transportation app for the city you’re visiting, there almost always is one put out by the local transportation authorities so ask around.
  4. Not Tipping Properly: It’s important to research this as it can lead to an awkward moment that makes you bone up on tipping customs real quick. You won’t only become a tipping pro, but you’ll also make someone’s day better next time.
  5. Ignoring Dietary Restrictions: Trying everything might lead to some, ahem, “digestive adventures.” It’s the universe’s way of telling you to always keep Pepto-Bismol handy.


  6. Over-Scheduling: Trying to see it all usually means you don’t really see anything. Overcommitting teaches you the beauty of slowing down and savoring experiences.
  7. Ignoring Seasonal Weather: Packing for a sunny beach only to encounter a monsoon? You’ll become an expert in improvisational wardrobe adjustments and maybe even invent a new fashion trend.
  8. Forgetting an Adapter: No power equals lesson learned. You’ll become a connoisseur of gas station chargers and probably make friends with someone smarter than you. Know what you’ll need in advance by doing your research on a site such as this, and if by chance you forget an adaptor or converter your accommodation will likely have extras you can borrow. Pro Tip: Buy multiple adaptors such as these from Amazon and then you’ll always have extras.
  9. Skipping Reservations: “No room at the inn” becomes a real thing. On the bright side, you’ll learn to be more spontaneous and flexible with your accommodations—or at least, your dining plans.
  10. Avoiding Street Food: The fear of “Delhi belly” or something similar may hold you back, but you’re also missing out on some culinary gems. Eventually, you’ll roll the dice, and chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Hope you get a chuckle or two out of these. And remember, the road to travel wisdom is paved with well-intentioned mistakes!

At Continental DRIFTER® Experiences we try to take all of these tips into account when planning your time with us.

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