How’s the Chacha in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia?

By Ralph Velasco

Enjoy this short video I made about a tradition called the “supra” and a local spirit called “chacha” in the gorgeous Republic of Georgia.

What’s Your Favorite Place to Travel?

I’m often asked what my favorite country or place to visit is.  This is, of course, an impossible question to answer and one I gingerly try to sidestep when asked.

Recently, however, I’ve been saying that although I can’t narrow it down to just one place, the Republic of Georgia is high on that list. 

Watch this Short Video about Chacha and the Supra in Georgia

While having dinner at Bread House, one of my favorite restaurants in Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia, I created this short video.  

In it I attempt to introduce you to a wonderful tradition called the supra, as well as a local spirit called chacha (depending whom you talk to it’s also referred to as Georgian brandy or grape vodka).

Bottle of chacha on table at Bread House restaurant in Tbilisi, Georgia by Ralph Velasco
This is a high-end bottle of chacha, indeed.

Chacha Means “Sweat”?

In Arabic I’m told that “chacha” literally means sweat (yes, sweat, not sweet).  That is, when it’s produced with a special device, as the grape skins, seeds and stems are heated and the liquid is condensed, small drops are created, like sweat, and collected in a bottle. 

Ralph Velasco at TBS airport with I Love Georgia Sign in Georgian in Tbilisi, Georgia by Ralph Velasco
Can you guess what the sign behind me says?

Almost Every Georgian Family Makes Its Own Version of Chacha

Just about every traditional family in the Republic of Georgia has their own chacha still producing its own version.

Unlike the mass produced and high-end bottle pictured above, which cost about US$15 equivalent at Bread House, the 40 to 60 degree, or proof, chacha found in homes throughout the country is incredibly inexpensive to produce.



Rest assured that over time I’ll be creating much more content on the Republic of Georgia, the traditional supra, as well as the absolutely incredibly fresh, organic and oh-so-tasty food to be found throughout the country.

Ralph Velasco at TBS airport with I Love Georgia sign in Tbilisi, Georgia by Ralph Velasco
Yep, you guessed it!

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