What’s It Like to Ride Camels in the Desert?

By Ralph Velasco

Let’s get a feel for what it’s like to ride camels in the desert.

For the past 7 or 8 years I’ve led our Mystical Morocco tour, and as always, one of the highlights of the trip is when we get to ride camels in the Sahara desert at sunrise. 

Outside the town of Erfoud, near Merzouga, we stay at a hotel called Auberge du Sud, which is in the Erg Chebbi, or “shadow of the dunes.”  It’s a fine hotel with great service and wonderful food, and it couldn’t be more ideally located.  

From the front steps of the hotel one gazes upon a seemingly endless sea of sand, some dunes rising hundreds of meters in the air.

Variety is Key

This movie was made with video and photo clips I captured on my iPhone X during our camel ride, and it was put together with the Memories feature in the Photos iOS app.  This is a wonderful way to easily put together a video or slideshow (or a hybrid of the two) with content already on your phone. 

Feel free to use not only video and photos, but also any time-lapses, slow motion, panoramas, or even screenshots you have in your Camera Roll.  You can add music and titles, as well as have an opportunity to edit your video.

Shadow with group in the distance in the Sahara desert near Merzouga, Morocco
Great perspective of my group in the distance.

Strive to Be As Stable As Possible

As always, I tried to capture a variety of video to choose from, using different angles, wide, medium and closer up perspectives, pure shadows, the group with shadows, me in the frame and others.  

I also moved the camera with the action, but more importantly tried to keep the camera still (as much as one can on a moving camel) and let the action happen in front of my lens.  This was entirely handheld although these days I do have a stabilizer in the form of a DJI Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal, which I’ll definitely be using the next time I want to document a similar experience.

Camel driver looking left, camel looking right in Sahara desert, Merzouga, Morocco
Straining ingredients to make the perfect chaya.

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